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Ncrcc Answers To Case Study

NCRCC: TEEING UP A NEW STRATEGIC DIRECTION2Build the management-research question hierarchy through the investigative questionsstage. The management-research question hierarchy is used to help researchers though the multistep process of business research. The steps are (1) management dilemma, (2) managementquestion, (3) research question(s), (4) investigative questions, (5) measurement questions, and (6) management decision (Cooper, & Schindler, 2014). The management dilemma is what the management is concerned about, in the form of a statement (Foos, Schum, & Rothenberg, 2006). In the case of, NCRCC: Teeing Up a New Strategic Direction, the NCR Country Club is not drawing in new members.The management question is how the management can eliminate the problem or capitalize on an opportunity (Johnson, 2006). Basically, it is the management dilemma in question form. In this case, “How can the NCR Country Club attract new members to the club?”The next step of the management-research question hierarchy is the research question(s). These question(s) are the plausible courses of action that are available to the company to help with the problem. The possible questions for this case study are:What kind of club are younger people looking for?