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Essay On Becoming A Journalist

A Career in Journalism

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Journalism is type of writing that investigates and includes lots of research of good and bad stories and some events. Journalists tend to write news stories that people should know about and haven’t already heard. Journalism comes in different categories; some are reporters, writers, editors, and photographers. People who tend to like journalism are those who love language and enjoying writing and reading, are called journalist; they work as reporters at newspapers, magazines, websites, TV stations, and radio stations. Good journalists love to read and want to find out what is going on around them and the world. They write short and long stories as they must write true stories. Journalists write stories that are from real people and they make the stories real too. People are not interested in reading newspapers now as much as they used to long time ago. These days’ people carry news on their iPods, cell phones, laptops, and more. They can even watch them on TV. A long time ago people knew the news through newspapers or the rich would have a radio which was the only way to know what is going in the world, but now news are everywhere.
There are lots requirements needed to get into the program called journalism, how long it take to be a journalist, and beneficial to public and themselves. Unfortunately, high school course needed to get prepared and ready for the career. When a person knows what career she going into when she still in law school, she can get ready. So by the time she is in college, it would be just finishing up and getting going into the journalism career. In high school, students are allowed to take some college courses that can easily transfer to college. So in this case when a person knows what field interest to her it will be easy to start it earlier so she will not be wasting time and money during the college.
Journalism as a reporter career requires classes that should be taken while she is in high school. The classes are: English, Journalism, History, Social Studies, Communication, Typing, and Computer Science. Since all these classes have been taken, it will be good also to take speech courses because it will help her to feel comfortable in interviewing skills, which are required to be a successful reporter. Later in college it would be good to take pre courses such as a foreign language, Math and Science (Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center).

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Studies as early as the 1970s recommended minimum requirements for journalism advisers and for journalism certification. Click and Windhauser (1971) reported that just over two thirds of the 39 Association for Education in Journalism's Secondary School members responding to a survey stated that a high school journalism teacher should have at least a minor in journalism. Dean (1973) found most high school journalism teachers and principals, journalism deans and department chairs, and newspaper editors thought students wanting journalism certification should have 24-30 hours in journalism and that minors should require 12 to 18 hours of journalism. He suggested both a college methods course for teaching journalism and one for advising publications” (Dickson).
In this case journalist needed at least a bachelor degree to become a reporter. There a special training that if happens that you don’t have a degree you can take to get into the program. Graduate degree would give you on advantage over those didn’t have chance to graduate. To be on editor you got to be a profession and it turn out to be their studies. This job it take four years of school and for some of the student with some special training and is how is going to easy for you to get in quickly than those ones don’t have degree. “You will need at least a bachelor's degree to become a reporter, and a graduate degree will give you a great advantage over those entering the field with lesser degrees. Most editors prefer applicants with degrees in journalism because their studies include liberal arts courses as well as professional training in journalism. Some editors consider it sufficient for a reporter to have a good general education from a liberal arts college. Others prefer applicants with an undergraduate degree in liberal arts and a master's degree in journalism. The great majority of journalism graduates hired today by newspapers, wire services, and magazines have majored specifically in news-editorial journalism” (Ferguson's Career Guidance Center).
In requirement some student would like to transfer. For transferring Grand Valley State University would good one to go to because it has good programing in communication. There are some other college and university that offer commination in journalism. Almost all college and university accept the same courses and grades. There courses that are required are the same too everywhere. You just have to get the right ones that you needed in order to get where you going. People who would like to transfer would go to college for two years taking some classes and after that they would transfer at university of their choice and one have the program that need. (Grand Rapids community college)
In this job there are some circumstances and difficult time to some of the journalism. According to the “Everbach” some gender can be easy to them to stay in the program. In female and male are difference between them in balancing there job and families. Because of woman since in years used to stay home to take care of their children and housework is how it is today in journalism career. Most women usually leave the job just for their children. Some mother who leave the job feel like they have been forced to leave and they have lifted with no choice because they can handle children and being journalism. This job is a job that they work all days of the week and even work in holidays too. They don’t usually have days off even they do they can still work in their free time. Mostly women who stayed in their job tend to have child care, or where they have to make on arrangement with their husband so the wife would work second shift and the man can work first shift. Male complain that they never have time to spend with their families all they do is just work. “While in 1950, 20.7 percent of women worked outside the home, by 2006, 59 percent of women participated in the workforce (Goldin, 2003; U.S. Census Bureau, 2009). More women are in the workforce in part because the feminist movement of the 1970s helped open women's role in the society's public sphere. More women desire careers than in the past, but many women have no choice but to work for economic reasons (FeIs, 2004). Women often work a "second shift" when they arrive home from their jobs because they tend to take primary responsibility for childcare and domestic duties. Women more often than men find themselves in the position of having to choose between work and family” (qtd. In FeIs, p. 238) (Everbach). Something to keep in mind, journalism is men’s job not for women because of being balanced with housework, children, and journalist. In Everbach article say:
“Both male and female journalists said they found most media companies unlikely and unwilling to adopt more family-friendly policies. The results of this study indicate that if media companies eliminate family accommodations or fail to offer flexibility, they may drive younger male and female journalists from the profession, particularly those with families or who plan to have families. Balancing work and family clearly is a priority for the newest generation of journalists (Everbach).”
As how I see journalism today has decreased. There is not many people going in to journalism programs. In many places journalism has dropped. Not so many schools teach journalism courses; as we can see here at Grand Rapids Community College, there is not a lot of people interested in journalism. According to Loran Ghiglione,
The writer in the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication newsletter, in 2007, a former Journalism Dean at Northwestern University, observed how journalism history courses are frequently no longer required and even dropped from the curriculum in many journalism programs, quoting a dozen leading journalism educators about the difficulty of interesting students in journalism history. “In the Ghiglione article, Patsy Watkins, journalism department chair at the University of Arkansas, is quoted as saying that a stretched-thin faculty would like to offer journalism history but cannot "cover everything we need to cover."19 The idea that students of journalism should have common knowledge about its history and development is clearly not seen as a critical priority (QTD in loran Ghiglione) (King). “
I am finishing saying journalism is a good career even though a person don’t have to be a journalist. A person can still take the course that is needed. Taking communication in school can help me to become better with vocabulary and have professional communication. Being a journalist a person have to love language and know how to use it. Journalists love to read and write; they are encouraged to find out what is going on around them and in the world. As a woman it can challenging because she have to take care of her own family and house work. Women feel they have been driven out of their career they love and in turn go to be a stay at home mom. Even men too have been concerned about working every day and even holidays; so they do not have time for their families and themselves. Journalism itself has been changed throughout the years. It does not seem like how it used to be. Journalism is my career; since I know how it is, I will decide according to the researcher, but I am still interest in being reporter.

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Student journalism is not the most glamorous way to start your media career. You're often crammed into a small bunker with not enough chairs and no natural light. You'll spend hours slaving over your copy or touching up photographs when you should be writing essays.

But endless deadlines and impassioned disagreements over typefaces create a sense of solidarity among young journalists. Most papers put on weekly socials so you can go drinking with your newsroom colleagues. When the big debates of the day inevitably spill out of the paper and into the pub, you'll end up making great friends.

Plus there are perks. The student newspaper is a great way to meet your heroes. Nina Seale is a second year zoology student at the University of Edinburgh and the current science and environment editor of their paper, the Student. She was fortunate enough to interview the primatologist Dame Jane Goodall. "It was one of the highlights of my life," she says. "She is at the top of the list of people I would ever want to meet in the world."

There are also glitzy media balls like the Guardian Student Awards at the end of year where you get to don your best frock and have famous people tell you how great you are.

Working on the paper is also bound to improve your journalistic skills. If you're making regular contributions it will sharpen your writing tone, buff up your vocabulary and give you the confidence to write in any style – from a live blog of the latest arrivals at the local zoo to a principled polemic on world politics.

However, it's a common misconception that all students who are involved with student media are dead set on a career in journalism. While this may be true in some cases, skills like working to a deadline and conducting an interview will prepare you for a range of career paths. Meeting new people, especially people you wouldn't normally come across, can be rewarding in itself.

"Basically I do it because it's fun," said Daniel Swain, comment editor for the Student and aspiring investment banker. "It's like a job you can do on the weekend where you just get to hang out with your friends. It's something I'll never get the chance to do again when I have a real job."

Plenty of established journos started out on their student rag – Bill Turnbull on BBC Breakfast is just one of the Student's famous former-editors. If you think it could be you reading the headlines, you should definitely give student journalism a chance.

Being a student hack can be stressful, especially when writers drop out as deadline day inches closer and you're struggling to come up with a snappy headline. But for the most part it doesn't really feel like a job at all – even though it can make all the difference on your CV. When you come to the end of your university life, you'll hopefully have a ton of bylines and experience to take with you. But if all that doesn't tempt you, the prospect of a few new friends just might.