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Descriptive Essay Nature Writing

I’m not that kind of a person, who can have a lack of inspiration. When life seems dark and overshadowed, all I need to do to meet my Muse is…to go for a walk in a local park. Regardless of the season, I am always excited about admiring the Mother Nature and absorbing its beauty. There are so many aspects in this world of fauna and flora that describing its splendor by means of simple words could take hours, days, weeks, months and…even years! Nonetheless, it still won’t be enough! What do I like nature for? Its uniqueness. Green leaves, tiny snow flocks shining in the sun, rainy days when the fall begins, the first flowers of the spring – everything is beautiful and so unlike anything else you have ever seen and will ever see in this life!

Summer… Who doesn’t like it? Even those people, who can’t stand heat, will definitely agree that life is great when the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the world seems to be absolutely carefree! There’s nothing more compelling than a starry summer night, a fresh air, a fire and a guitar. The best stories have been shared under the summer night sky.

Autumn…While some people consider it the time when the rainy sky actually falls down on the ground, I find no better time to relax and get inspired. The sky is crying, the wind seems to be mad at everyone waking in the gray streets, but my heart full of inexpressible nostalgia. Wandering over the cold city, admiring the falling leaves and looking for my reflection in the puddle – no other time of the year can provide you with such a privilege to enjoy your loneliness and feel how the weather shares your passions.

Winter… The pleasant girl’s voice from the radio tried to convince me that “spring brings the rain, with winter comes pain…”, but so in vain. Winter is one of the synonyms for “magic”. At least it is so for me. Winter takes you away to the fantasy universe with the fluffy snowflakes, snow angels, shiny Christmas tree with presents and honest expectations than the New Year will bring something special. It feels like the trees are sleeping tight under a warm blanket, waiting for the spring to wake them up once again…

Spring…The first warmth of the spring sun provides you with a unique opportunity to admire the beauty of nature in its most compelling view! Beautiful plants and trees refresh the spring air with wonderful scents. Some people say that together with fantastic views and aromas that simply make you fall in love with the whole world, spring also brings hope. Hope for a new life, new discoveries and a better future. And I totally agree with such viewpoints.

To cut the long story short, I am absolutely open to state that every time of the year provides us all with a bunch of desired inspiration for life. Nature’s beauty, just as it is, makes us feel the harmony of the world and lets us dream on.

About Steven Arndt

Steven Arndt is a passionate writer, educator and a former History teacher. He tends to reconsider the role of modern education in our society and watches with awe the freedom the youth now has.

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What is a descriptive essay?

The descriptive essay is one that gives a detailed description of an individual, person, place, thing, environment, or surrounding. The descriptive writing will give the description based on the five senses of the chosen readers like sound, smell, sight, taste, and touch. The descriptive writing discusses the topic in a very detailed manner.

How to write an effective descriptive essay on nature by using these tips and tricks?

  • The student must be observant of their surroundings and choose a topic that will be fun to write about.
  • The descriptive paper should paint a beautiful picture for the reader of the subject matter must use the five senses to describe the topic, and use your descriptive tools.
  • The student should only choose the descriptive details of the chosen subject that will support their thesis statement.
  • The paragraphs of the descriptive term paper can be organized in any fashion.
  • The best way to organize the paragraphs of the descriptive paper is chronological order.
  • When writing the essay, the wording throughout should be very descriptive and not too vague.
  • With the wording of the writing, you want the reader to visualize having the subject matter right there in front of them or being there in the area being described.
  • The body of the descriptive term paper needs to discuss the most compelling details of the subject matter in an effective and efficient manner.
  • The Conclusion needs to be relevant and logical in nature.

Here are some compelling topics to write about in a nature descriptive essay:

  • Describe a park on a spring day.
  • Describe the devastating effects after a major hurricane, major thunderstorm, or tornado.
  • Discuss a horrid or beautiful landscape.
  • Describe a beautiful rift or beautiful rain forest.
  • Discuss what it was like to take a walk in the forest on a rainy day.
  • Describe your surroundings while on vacation in Africa or the Amazon jungle.
  • Sunrises and sunsets are always good to write about.
  • Discuss how an ocean looks during a hurricane or serious thunderstorm.
  • Describe how a cemetery looks late at night.
  • How a flower bed of flowers look after a rain storm.
  • Describe the general background of the neighborhood one grew up in.
  • Can describe the first rainbow you saw as a child after a rainstorm.
  • How a park looks at twilight or midnight.