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Art History Research Paper Format

Chicago Manual of Style

Researchers in the field of Art & Architectural History often use The Chicago Manual of Style (Humanities).

MLA: Modern Language Association Style  

The MLA format is parenthetical; you give your source in parentheses immediately following the sentence or thought it affected. At the end of your paper, you will then include a "Works Cited" or Bibliography referencing each source used. What goes into a Works Cited page? 1. Only those sources that are referenced in in your paper; 2. Organize your list by alphabetizing sources according to the authors' last names. If no author name is given, by the first main word in the title.

Parenthetical Examples: 

...Much like Turner in his painting, John Soane attached great importance to poetry which he saw as a sister art to architecture. (Watkin 431)

drop the last name if you continue to cite the same work in succession - just use the page number:
...And also like Turner, Soane's poetic taste was more Augustan and less Romantic. (431)

Sample Citations for Articles:  
Author. "Title of Article." Title of Periodical Date: page(s).

Sample Citations for Scholarly Articles: 
Author. "Title of Article." Title of Journal Volume number (Complete date): pages covered by article.

Sample Citations for Anthology Selections: 
Author of article. "Title of Article." Title of Book. Editor of book. City: Publisher, date. Pages covered by article.

Sample Citations for Newspaper Articles:
Author (if given). "Title of Article." Title of Newspaper Complete date, name of edition (if given), section number or title: page(s).

Sample Citations for Web or Digital Content:

If you read a newspaper article online, e-book, or anything else published in both print and electronic formats, record the following information about the media YOU use to access the content.

Online Articles:  

Information for print version. Information service. Name and location of library. Date accessed.

Cavendish, Richard. "Sir John Soane's Museum." History Today 44.2 (February 1994): 62-65. Academic Search. Yale University Library, New Haven, CT. 12 July 2007.


Author or organization. "Title of section, if given." Title of the complete work. Date of publication or last revision. Sponsoring organization if different from author. Date you viewed it.

Michael Rosenthal: "Gainsborough, Thomas" Grove Art Online. Oxford University Press, July 12, 1997.  

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