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My Bad Day At School Essay

A Terrible Day

I woke up and drowsily walked down the stairs. Mother had left breakfast on the dining table before she left for work. I checked the clock, surprised by what time it was. It was already 11.00 a.m.! The school bus was going to be here any minute.

Quickly, I changed into my school uniform for I didn't have time to take a bath. Then, I had breakfast in a rush. My heart was pounding in my chest.

Soon enough, the bus arrived at the front door. I got my bag, locked the door and got into the bus. It was minutes later that I realised I had forgotten to switch off the lights and fan in the living room. And what was worse, I had even forgotten to close the windows. My heart was racing, and my mind elsewhere, I knew I was not going to be able to concentrate on my work that day. I was already starting to imagine what my parents would do to me when they found out.

When I reached school, everyone was staring at me. My clothes were in a mess and wrinkles and folds at places. I hadn't washed my face that morning either. I looked down, ignoring the stares of a hundred faces, but I wasn't able to ignore the fact that I had humiliated myself and given others a bad impression of me.

When I got to class, I found out that I had left my water bottle at home. I knew I could just buy some at the canteen but I hadn't brought any money to school. Little did I realize that forgetting my water wasn't the worst thing that was going to happen to me that day. I had also forgotten to bring the text books for a few subjects, so I was made to stand outside the class. Whenever someone walked past, I could feel their eyes on me. Humiliation overcame me and I couldn't avoid the feeling of wanting to cry.

Then there was another lesson where I had forgotten to bring the homework that the teacher had given the day before. The teacher punished me by giving me extra homework.

The students in my class laughed at me. Some even said bad things about me, spreading rumours and telling others that I was a terrible person. I felt like I was sinking into a black hole, or wish I could really sink into one where others couldn't find me. Everything just seemed to go wrong for me that day.

It was raining heavily when school was finally over. I hadn't brought my umbrella so I had to run in the heavy rain towards my father's car. I was soaking wet by the time I got into the back seat. Father looked up at me with a scowl.

When we reached home, my parents lectured me about wasting the electricity. They didn't even give me time to change out of my wet clothes. I was pretty sure I would get a cold the next day.

After taking a bath, I quickly did my homework. There were piles of homework for me to do, and the extra homework the teacher gave me just added to my stress.

I went to bed really late that night, and it was almost 2.00 a.m. by the time everything was done. I lay in bed, thinking what a terrible day it had been and hope it would be better the next day.

Written by:
Ameerah Angelina


Your best/worst day at school

Year 9 students (Jablonna)

My worst day atschool

by Stachowicz Natalia

Monday started veryawfully .I always get upat 6 a.m. ,but this day Iwoke-up at 9 a.m., because I forgot to setmy alarm clock .I arrived late for school and my form tutorwas very angry with me. It was a Polishlesson and my teacher gave our tests back. Iwas depressed, when I got my exam. I got abad mark-2. I thought that I wrote it verywell. The next subject was biology. Whenwe walked into the class we noticed thatteacher was nervous. At first she di

dn’t say

anything. She checked the attendance andshe told us that we had a small test .We were

shocked. I hadn’t studied the last and I wrote

nothing on the test. I was very angry with

myself because I hadn’t revised before the

test. I went out of the classroom, because Ihad a break. I went to the changing room. Igot my tracksuit. During our PE lesson wepracticed very hard. Our teacher admonishedus all the time. We were very tired after thislesson. We still had math. The teacher gaveus a difficult exercise which we had to do. I

was tired and I couldn’t concentrate on the

exercise.When I went back home I was depressed. Inoticed that I had a lot of homework. I wasdoing my homework till late. I was tired,depressed, and sad and I went to sleep. Itwas the worst day of my life.

The worst dayat school

by MikulskiMateusz

It was Thursday,when Mrs. Grzyb atfirst lesson told us towrite about theworst day in school. I had no idea which dayto write about, all days at school arehopeless. Next lesson was Polish language

with Mrs. Jędryczka.

I forgot the test we had, I got 1, and theteacher started talking about Tuesday when Iskipped chemistry. That day was real badbecause she phoned my parents...

it wasawful !WE ARE HERE TOTAKE YOU! - My worstday at school ever.

by Doleżych Maria


That day seemed to be justa normal, typical Friday.Birds were singing, flowers smelled nicely,somewhere else a cat was meowingfearfully.I went to school with great humour


it waslast day of that school week, I hadinteresting plans for the weekend andeverything seemed to be beautiful.In German lesson, which was my secondone, everybody was having a great time.There was a lot of laughter and foolingaround


even our teacher was telling jokes.Suddenly, afte

r our last ‘laugh



the building started to shake and there weresome heavy voices coming from outside.Some students started to laugh louder, but Istarted to feel frightenedl. The teacher toldus to stay in the classroom and she went tocheck what was happening. After tenminutes

she hadn’t come back 

. Nobodyseemed to be worried, but I was


shiversgained on power-. I told Gabi, my friend,

“I’m going to

the toilet. When I went outsidethe classroom the hall was empty. I took thefire extinguisher with me and I went tocheck all classrooms. All different classeswere empty too. I stood close to the opened

window and I couldn’t believe my eyes – 

there was a big flying saucer on ourplayground! Some aliens were talking anddeliberating, others were putting my schoolmates into the big saucer. I heard some of their talk: