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Operation Management Essay Question

Examination Cover Page Examination Period: Academic Institution: Academic Group: Academic Career: Examination Type: AFFIX STUDENT ID STICKER HERE 2015 Term 1 Central Queensland University Higher Education Division Undergraduate Standard I have read and understood the penalties involved if I do not abide by the rules outlined on the back of this examination paper. Student Signature: Student ID Number Course: Subject Area: Catalog Number: Paper Number: Component: Production and Operations Management MGMT 19126 1 ALL Components Duration: Perusal Time: First Contact: Second Contact: 180 minutes 15 minutes Paul Waight Tage Andersson Restrictions: Closed Book Contact Number: Contact Number: 07 4940 7881 07 4930 9334 Office Use: Release examination paper via the CQ University Past Exams website two weeks after the DE/SE examination period? No Instructor Authorised/Allowed Materials Dictionary - non-electronic, concise, direct translation only (dictionary must not contain any notes or comments). Calculator - non-programmable, no text retrieval, silent only. Student Calculator - Make:____________________ / Model: ____________________ Special Instructions to Students: Please see instruction sheet on first page of the examination paper. Examination Office Supplied Materials 2 x Rough Paper 1 x Exam Answer Booklet QUESTIONS ANSWERED MARKS QUESTIONS ANSWERED MARKS Number of examination answer booklets used: Number of separate sheets attached (Do not include rough paper): This examination paper is not to be released to the student at the conclusion of the examination. Central Queensland University considers improper conduct in examinations to be a serious offence. Penalties for cheating are exclusion from the University and cancellation with academic penalty from the course concerned. Term 1 Standard examination 2015 Production and Operations Management — MGMT19126 Instructions Sheet 1. Write all answers in the Examination Answer Booklet provided. 2. This examination comprises two parts, Parts A and B. 3. Part A is worth 24 marks. There are two short essay questions in Part A, and each question is in two parts (part (a) and (b)). Answer both questions and provide separate answers for each part. 4. Part B is worth 16 marks. There are four short answer questions in Part B. Answer any two of the four questions. If more than two questions are answered in Part B, only the first two will be marked. 5. Write your answers clearly using numbered headings or subheadings to show which part of your answer refers to which question. Example: Part A – Question 2 (a). 6. Start each question on a new page. Page 1 of 3 Term 1 Standard examination 2015 Production and Operations Management — MGMT19126 PART A 24 MARKS SHORT ESSAY QUESTIONS Answer BOTH questions from this part. Question 1 (a) 12 MARKS Discuss the relationship between capacity planning, aggregate planning and the scheduling of production. (6 marks) (b) Explain how the concepts of capacity planning, aggregate planning and production scheduling could be applied to a fish processing plant. (Hint: Take into account the perishability of the product.) (6 marks) Question 2 (a) 12 MARKS Explain the concept of ‘process capability’ as applied to the product development process and its role in the statistical process control (SPC) of production. (6 marks) (b) Explain why process capability is important in regard to statistical process control. Use an example from a manufacturing industry to illustrate your answer. (6 marks) Page 2 of 3 Term 1 Standard examination 2015 Production and Operations Management — MGMT19126 PART B 16 MARKS SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS Answer two questions from this part. Question 1 8 Marks Describe four patterns of demand and how they affect forecasting. Question 2 8 Marks Describe four of the seven basic tools of quality and explain how they are used. Question 3 8 Marks Explain what inventory management is, and why it is important for a manufacturing company. Question 4 8 Marks Define and describe the four principles of lean operating systems. - End of paper - Page 3 of 3


QSO 600 Final Exam Essay QuestionsQuestion 1: What is operations management? Why is it important? Is a good knowledge of operations management more important in service or manufacturing industries? Explain your answer.Answer:Operations management is a process that combines various resources used in the production/operations subsystem of the organization and transforms them into value added product/services in a skillful method and according to the policies of the organization. It is that part of an organization which is worried about the conversion of a range of inputs into the required products/services and those products having the requiredquality level. The set of interconnected management activities, which are involved in manufacturing certain products, is called as production management. If this same conceptis applied to services management, then the matching set of management activities is called as operations management.The Importance of Operation Management:Operation management is very important in terms of the reconfiguration of inputs and capitals in the quality of a product/service. For example, in a mixed industry you’ll see the characteristics of both the manufacturing and the service all together.Restaurants are a decent example of this, as they produce food as well as provide a service to the diner. Operations managers need to pay attention to both the products and the services together when it comes to the production of the food and the services the waiter/waitress are providing to the customers.Importance of knowledge of operations management in service or manufacturing industries:Effective knowledge of operations management is an important aspect of the service and manufacturing industry. As an example, a human resources department is ableto make good predictions on the need for staff, to develop good job descriptions, and to recruit and train more easily when operations are running well. Jobs are easier to fill, and turnover remains lower. When operations are not running well, the costs for human