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Paragraph On Haste Makes Waste Essay

Essay on Haste Makes Waste

I have always been an overanxious person, and I used to finish everything hurriedly-until I made a serious mistake in my workplace. Now I am a lot more careful and patient about what I do.

I worked in a Japanese bank in China before I came to America, and my job was dealing with the customers' documents such as contracts. The incident happened at one Friday afternoon five years ago. I did everything very fast like I did every day; moreover, I had an appointment with my friends after work, so I wanted to leave office on time. When I finished all of the work and thought about the appointment, my department manager gave me a contract draft and asked me to type it. He said something to me, but I didn't pay attention to that since I wanted to begin the work at once. I glanced at my watch to know that was 5:10 and I thought that if I did quickly, I could meet my friends in time. I was too hurried to notice anything on the contract. I finished five-page work just in 20 minutes and I was so proud of my incredible typing speed. Next Monday, when I entered the office, the manager let me go to his office in anger which made me realized that something was wrong. In his office, he threw the contract which I typed last day on the table and yelled at me, “the bank's reputation is destroyed by you”, then he showed the original copy which had a post-it on it.

After reading the notes which said “approved by general manager, type it after his revision”, I knew that I didn't follow the direction to make the general manager correct the contract before I typed it. More seriously, he emphasized the notes to me last day, I didn't notice that yet. My manager told me that they had to delay the meeting with the customer because of my fault. I got some serious punishment for it and I also felt ashamed for myself.

Even though I want to achieve my desired goal as fast as I can, I have to admit that haste makes waste. I learned from my disaster that once we do something in a hurry, we may not see the result as we have expected. In other words, we should advance in order and keep patient if we want to get the goal on time.


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Haste makes Waste :

  • The proverb means when we do something in haste, our efforts end in waste.
  • We should not be too hurried in doing our works.
  • We have to start slowly with patience and work carefully to avoid wastage.
  • When we work without hastiness, we can give better results.

Haste makes Waste : (Short Essay)

The proverb, “haste makes waste” is about patience in doing things. When we do things, we have to be careful and patient. Or else, it can result in wastage of effort, time, and money. This is why it is said as doing something in a hasty manner brings waste. ‘Haste’ also means hurry or careless doing of things. Similarly, ‘waste’ means loss or inefficient doing of things. When we do something in an impatient, careless manner, we are going to waste the efforts and the result might not be as expected.

Haste makes Waste : (Brief Essay)

The proverb, “haste makes waste” is a very common phrase used for a long time. It generally expresses that when someone is doing something in a ‘haste’ manner, he/she will actually end up not successfully. They might lose the things they are trying to get or the entire efforts will be wasted.

Doing something in a hasty manner is sure to waste the opportunities or end up wasting the time and energy. The words ‘haste’ and ‘waste’ are used rightly for the rhyming purpose. The proverb reminds us about doing things with patience and is cautious about not wasting our efforts. We have to take care of our work slowing down and doing it carefully and efficiently. This will help us do the job in a better way. It will also save time. Moreover, when we do something hastily, we are sure to forget certain things and do the job wrong or will make it worse.

The proverb also signifies about doing things in an organized manner. It emphasizes the importance of planning. This means, when we start doing some work, we have to first think ahead and plan the work. Only then, we can ensure that everything will go smoothly as expected, without any wrongs.

Thus, hasty and careless thinking is sure to waste one’s time, effort, and resources. So, as students, it is necessary to have the habit of planning with patience and working carefully in getting things done.

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