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Swe Coursework

   - Fundraised $2,800 for STEM Education in Local Columbus Schools
   - Outstanding Community Service - OSU College of Engineering
   - Aspiring Program Award in Advocacy - First Place - SWE Region G
   - Outstanding Collegiate Section - SWE Region G
   - Gold Level Outstanding Collegiate Section

Annual Events:

The Society of Women Engineers puts on a wide variety of events through the school year. We plan events related to the following categories: 

Professional Development
K-12 Outreach

A few of our many events are below:

  • SWE Career Fair: Ohio State's spring engineering career fair, aimed at providing employment opportunities for all students within the College of Engineering
  • Ready, Set, Glow for STEM 5K: A glow-in-the-dark 5K aimed at raising money for local Columbus schools and their engineering education programs
  • Discover Engineering: A weekly volunteering opportunity that provides individuals with the opportunity to promote engineering and work on an engineering related projects with grade school kids. Projects include making ice cream, rollercoasters, and water turbines and each week focuses on a difference discipline within engineering. 
  • Networking Night: An evening, just prior to each career fair, for students to network with company representatives.
  • Trip to the Center for Automotive Research: members learn about how to jump a battery, change a car's oil, and change a tire, among other essential car related information. 
  • Woody's Socials: opportunity for members to come socialize and meet other members of SWE

Completion of the MS in Software Engineering requires 10 graduate courses (30 credits). The coursework is divided into three categories:  a breadth requirement of 12 hours of core courses, a depth requirement of 9 hoursof emphasis courses, and 9 hours of elective courses.

Four core courses are required of all MS-SWE graduates:

Students may choose an emphasis by taking three courses from one of the following emphases areas : Software Design, Secure Software Engineering, Software Management, or Web Applications. 

Students may select the remaining three courses from the list of approved elective courses, including other emphasis areas and courses from other MS programs in the department and the Volgenau school. Students may choose other graduate electives with the consent of their faculty advisor and the program director.

For additional information on the degree requirements of the MS-SWE program:

  • The M.S. in Software Engineering section of the Mason Catalog is the official source for the degree requirements of the program.
  • These slides from the orientation for new MS students provide an overview of the program, as well as additional useful information.
  • The web pages for current MS SWE students include more detailed information on the coursework and requirements of the program
  • For information on the admissions requirements for the MS-SWE program, see this web page.
  • For answers to FAQs, see this web page