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Essay On Impact Of Mobile Phones On Young Generation

The Impcats Of Mobile Phones On Young Generations

This report set out to clarify the significant influence of mobile phone in general and specifically on youth, its positive and negative aspects in terms of social life, safety, health and studying alongside with real evidences obtained from recent research.
The idea of communicating using mobile phone was first introduced in 1947 by Bell Laboratories (Merlin Thanga Joy, 2010), and it was initially made to accompany businessman and not to support personal life (Campbell, 2005). However, according to (Aoki and Downes, 2003), mobile phone has gradually become an essential part of young generation’s daily life.
The first section will draw readers’ attentions to the popularity of mobile phone among young people. The following section addresses the positive side of mobile phone in terms of accompanying adolescents. On the other hand, the third section would explain the flip side of mobile phone when it negatively affects young people. Finally, the last section would discuss about whether or not young people should use mobile phone by weighing the pros and cons with the support from statistical findings.

Firstly, Graph 1 showed that the number of subscriptions increased gradually as the population grew and reached 6.8 billion out of the world population of 7.1 billion (International Telecommunication Union, 2013). Furthermore, Table 1 briefly illustrates the condition of the world in 2005 in terms of mobile usage. The total subscription was approximately 2.1 billion and concentrated on 15 countries including the USA (202 million) and the UK (58 million) (Merlin Thanga Joy, 2010).

Graph 1: The number of subscriptions approaches global population figures (International Telecommunication Union, 2013)

Year 2005 Cell phone subscribers (in millions) Share (Per cent)
China 398 19.3
USA 202 9.9
Russia 115 5.6
Japan 95 4.6
Brazil 86 4.1
India 79 3.8
Germany 73 3.5
Italy 59 2.9
UK 58 2.8
France 47 2.3
Mexico 46 2.2
Turkey 40 1.9
Spain 39 1.9
South Korea 38 1.8
Indonesia 38 1.8
Top 15 countries 1,414 68.5
Worldwide Total 2,065 100
Table 1: Top 15 Countries with the Number of Cell Phone (Merlin Thanga Joy, 2010)
It has been recorded that mostly 18-24 year-old young adult claimed that their mobile phones were more important than other electronic items (The Carphone Warehouse, 2006). The data from UK was also supported by the report from Federal Reserve Board (2013) that the rate of mobile phone is high and concentrated in the 18-44 years old group (90%). Therefore, mobile phone is proved to be popular among young people nowadays.

According to Campbell (2005), having a mobile phone gives young people a better social life because it enhances the ability to communicate and save energy and time for people . Furthermore, a British study indicated that nowadays, mobile phone does not just basically equipped people with calling and texting tools but it alternatively plays a part of...

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The mobile phone users have increased rapidly globally due to the development of the technology. It is now crucial part of majority of the lives of the youth. This is because there are so many applications available on the mobile phone these days. Therefore teenagers use their phones more often for their free time. Mobile phones can also lead to mobile phone addiction for the teenagers. It can also affect their health in a negative way. Mobile phones can easily disturb teenagers’ education. Mobile phones can be very addictive to teenagers. This is because there are many things we can do with it, for example, playing games and going one a social media websites. Being addicted to mobile phones can ruin the relationship between them and their family. This is because when they are addicted they usually don’t come out of their room and refuse to communicate with the family. Also when they do not have the access to the phone they feel like they have nothing else to do at home.

The health of the teenagers can be negatively affected by using the mobile phones. The mobile phones ruin our eye sights due to the radiation that is emitted from it. Mobile phones can also ruin the postures of the teenagers. This is because majorities of the teenagers hold their phones just below their chests. Therefore they have to bend their neck downwards without even noticing it. This can affect our posture permanently. Mobile phones can affect the health of the teenagers without them realising it. Mobile phones can easily disturb teenager’s education. This is due to the mobility of the mobile phone.

They can go to their classes at school with mobile phones in their pocket and use it without getting caught by the teachers. Also when they are studying by themselves and their friend text or call them they forget about the studying and just continue texting or talking to their friends. Therefore mobile phones can easily disturb the learning that they are required. Mobile phones can be helpful when we are communicating. However it can be addictive to teenagers and ruin their relationship with parents and it can affect their eye sights and postures negatively. Also it can easily disturb their education just by receiving a single message. In my point of view the majority of the teenagers require their parents to control their uses of the mobile phone.