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Hca/220 Week 8 Assignment Decision Making

Decision MakingThe position that I have chosen is the Director of Data Support Systems. The Director of Data Support Systems responds directly to the Chief Financial Officer or CFO. This position ensures the financial data systems are operational. The Treasurer also works closely with the Director of Data Support Systems and report directly to the CFO. The Chief Account Officer CAO/Controller is responsible for the preparation and accounting and also responds to the CFO. According to our textbook, the structural charts in the finance department of many health care organizations are ranked in the following order: Chief Executive Officer (the head), next in line is the Chief Financial Officer who is over the Chief Accounting Officer, Director of Budgeting, the Director of Planning and Analysis, the Director of Data Support, the Director of Reimbursement, and the Treasurer. An extension of the Director of Reimbursement who operates

HU260 Strategies in Decision Making Week 8 Critical thinking happens within every human, everywhere. It’s how we process the information that determines whether the outcome (or reaction) is smart, efficient, ambitious, or any other emotion that we go through. There are eight elements of thought, and eight intellectual standards that determines and measure our critical thinking in situations from simple to extreme. The three real life scenarios in the following paragraphs will be broken down, and analyzed using two out of the eight of elements of thought, and the intellectual standards. Intellectual Standards In the intellectual standards of thinking, precision and logic will be used to examine the following three scenarios. In examining scenario A, (a raid gone wrong in another country), details are lacking on what exactly went wrong in the raid to come to a decision of opening fire on innocent people. Also, a lack of precision, and details that went into the raid operation itself set off a chain of events that ultimately jeopardized the mission. The logic behind the commander’s request to the squad is plausible. Shooting innocent people isn’t acceptable by many people standards, and consequences from that action is never good. If the story was changed to make those