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Mus 354 Beatles Assignment 1aauto

Unformatted text preview: 1B 1 What song do the Beatles perform in this clip? "One After 909" "Love Me Do" "She Loves You" "Three Cool Cats" "I Want to Hold Your Hand" "Please Please Me" "How Do You Do It?" 2 In this clip, John Lennon is playing ___________ and singing. organ piano ukulele harmonica bass mandolin drums 3 As the song portion of the clip ends, which Beatle is seen in the mid-90s playing along with the track? Pete Best John Lennon George Martin Paul McCartney George Harrison Ringo Starr Stu Sutcliffe 4 Other shots seen during the audio of the song include. .. Stu Sutcliffe playing bass Pete Best playing drums John's mother, Julia, and Aunt Mimi the group walking the streets of Liverpool early stills of them in the recording studio George Martin in the control booth early stills of them as children 5 This clip ends with Brian Epstein and the Beatles discussing. .. how this song was their first #1 UK hit the firing of Pete Best and hiring of Ringo Starr the release of their first long playing album the #17 chart position this song reached how they met George Martin their upcoming German tours their future trip to the U.S. and touring 1C The Beatles' vocal style on this song features. .. one solo lead vocal throughout falsetto vocals three-part harmony Ringo on lead vocals Paul and John's due vocals, without George Paul singing alone none of the above 2 During this song, Ringo. .. sings the lead vocal parts wears dark sunglasses does not appear on stage sings background harmonies plays drums while on a platform accidentally knocks over his cymbals none of the above 3 The song the Beatles are performing is. .. "She Loves You" "This Boy" "I Want to Hold Your Hand" "Please Please Me" "Love Me Do" "Till There Was You" "All My Loving" 4 On this song, John, Paul, and George. .....
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