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Hsa 505 Case Study 3 Missed Opportunities

MISSED OPPORTUNITIES 2 Case study: Missed opportunities Crestview Hospital is situated in Oakland, in the east south central region of United States. It is a for-profit institution which competes with Briarwood medical center, a non-profit institution, both offering general medical and surgical services. Crestview made a marketing decision and placed a new billboard directly adjacent to Briarwood Medical centre. This action has various pros and cons to the Crestview Hospital in respect to the customers and other community stakeholders. In respect to the placement of the billboard, Crestview Hospital should see an increase in consumers utilizing their services because the billboard is placed in a position that makes it seem as though Briarwood was promoting Crestview. The billboards also made more of an impact with the tagline of “The Best Medical Care in Oakland”. This informs potential consumers about the high quality services provided by the Crestview Hospital and shows that Crestview has leadership that is not afraid to employ an aggressive strategy. Fortenberry (2010) states that clients who are not local or familiar with the area will know how to find Crestview hospital because they can use the directions on the billboard. Even though the physical location of Briarwood is right there in that immediate area, Briarwood has no billboard to market themselves and direct non-residents to the most commonly used areas, such as the Emergency room. They are solely relying on locals knowledge of their services and locations. On the other hand, use of billboards for advertisement is very costly to Crestview Hospital and this could have an impact on the quality of services they can provide to their clients. Though the census would likely increase in the weeks following the placing of the billboard, there is also a chance that future consumers would not return to Crestview Hospital for their services, particularly if they are local to Briarwood and in need of emergency care. Consumers

1.Examine the pros and cons from the perspective of Crestview Hospital of the placement of its new billboard directly adjacent to Briarwood Medical Center. Interpret the reactionof customers and other community stakeholders to the billboard postings.Answer- the pros of placing the billboard:2.The crestview hospital is able to communicate its message to the target audience. The hospital can gain the attention of the patients coming to the briarwood hospital and that may recede the loyalty of patients towards briarwood hospital3.The hospital can position its message of best services to customers by dominating over the surroundings of Briarwood. The surrounding of the briarwood hospital is supporting the cause of crestview promotion and proves the inefficiency of the administration of briarwood to allow crestview to promote its message so near to the briarwood. 4.The hospital has larger visibility then the briarwood company. The visibility of the hospital is saturated by the presence of the competitor company and taking the publicity in front of competitor place is a very important gain for the crestview hospital.5.Hospital is able to show its customers about its reach and impact for serving the customers. The hospital can prove its commitment by communicating in front of the competitors about its services for the best hospital.6.Hospital can create a sense of trust among customers about its services by showing morecare and more intensity to serve them. The hospital message presence proves its customers the dominance of hospital over its competitors and shows the inefficiency andinability of the competitors about not stopping its competitors to promote services. 7.Hospital can persuade the customers about the superior services by proclaiming best services provided near the briarwood hospital. The hospital by adopting more aggressivemarketing communication can ensure about the services it provides to patients and also indirectly it shows the message of negligence of not promoting the services by the competitor hospital.8.Hospital can show the inability of briarwood about not placing the messages on millboard near them and that may create enough doubt in the minds of customers about the services briarwood hospital offers. The inability to not get billboards create doubts in