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Assignment On Individual Learner Differences In Second


those involved in obtaining L2 input. Naiman (1978) and Pickett (1978) identifynumerous study techniques:

Preparing and memorizing vocabulary lists:

Individual learners appear to have highly idiosyncratic ways of copying with this.For instance, one of Picket’s subjects kept a notebook in which he recorded firstthe English word, then the foreign word in phonetic transcription, and finally theorthographic version of the foreign word. He reported having three vocabularylists, which he kept going at the same time: one was arranged chronologically,the second alphabetically, and the third either grammatically or situationally.

Learning words in context:

Some learners made no attempt to keep lists. They relied on picking out keyvocabulary items from the contexts in which they were used.

Practicing vocabulary:

Various techniques fall under this heading: deliberately putting words intodifferent structures in order to drill one, reading to reinforce vocabulary, playinggames such as trying to think of words wit the same ending, and repeating wordsto oneself.

2. General Factors:

Second Language (L2) learners vary on a number of dimensions to do withpersonality, motivation, learning style, aptitude and age.Aspects of SLA influenced by individual learner factorsTwo basics possibilities regarding which aspect of SLA are affected by individuallearners, they are:

The differences in age, learning style, aptitude, motivation, and personalityresult.

The factors influence only rate and ultimate success in SLA.


Age is the variable that has been most frequently considered in discussions of individual differences in SLA. The main aim in this section is to highlight the keyelements in this complex issue by first examining the effects of age and thenlooking at various explanations of these effects.

The effects of age:

It is necessary to separate the effects of age and the route of SLA from theeffects of age on the rate or success of SLA. Most of studies that have


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